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SIP Communicator Google SoC’09 Selected Projects

This yeas SIP Communicator was graciously awarded ten student slots by Google in the Google Summer of Code program. This means that ten students will be working on the following ten projects:

Encryption and security:

Hush-hush chats with Off The Record (OTR) messaging - Implement support for secure, Off The Record messaging in SIP Communicator.

Audio/Video processing:

A filter graph implementation for FMJ - Implement a full featured filter graph in the Free Media for Java (FMJ) project.
Replace a web cam with a picture or a movie - Add the possibility to stream a picture during a video call if no web cam is available (or if it’s way too early in the morning for the world to see your sleepy face ;) )
Look who’s talking! (Sound level indicator for conf calls) - Implement a graphical indicator that would fill in according to the sound volume of a particular audio stream and add it to the SIP Communicator call interface.

User Interface:

Tell me what you chat with, I’ll tell you who you are! - You may have seen Mozilla Thunderbird’s “Display Mail User Agent” extension, that allows you to see the Mail application used by your correspondents. Well, we would like to have the same in SIP Communicator. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be nice to see a small icon in your chat window that would let you know something more about the people you are chatting with? ;)
Geek Communicator (A command line user interface for SIP Communicator) - Implement the possibility to access SIP Communicator’s most important features through the command line. Sending messages, or making calls are some of the features that would benefit from a command line interface since they could be useful for all sorts of cool scripts.
Java interface for Mac OS X’s Growl - Implement a set of Java native interfaces that would allow us to send messages and images, and retrieve mouse clicks to and from the Mac OS X notification daemon - Growl.

Protocol Operation:

Dude, check out my photo! - Implement the possibility to set your own photo or avatar for all instant messaging protocols supported by SIP Communicator, and add the possibility to take a new one using the web cam on your box.
Send tones in a telephone conversation (DTMF over RTP with RFC 4733) and Support for G.729 - Implement in SIP Communicator one more method of sending tones when punching the dialpad keys. Add support for one more codec.

Storing and syncing data:

Store chat history in a DB (rather than a text file) - Replace the existing implementation of the “History” service in SIP Communicator with a new one that stores all conversations in a database rather than a text file.