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Replace a web cam with a picture

GSoC Student: Camille Kurtz - France Primary Mentor: Damian Minkov - Bulgaria

Project Requirements

First term:

  1. Start by adding an extra image-based video data source to the impl of the media service.
  2. Make the new datasource selectable and configuratble through the media configuration form
  3. Make the new data source use one of the avatars available with from existing protocol providers the image that gets streamed should be that avatar, merged with our logo in one of the corners

Second term:

  1. Add the possibility for the user to use an arbitrary image (keep the logo in one of the corners)
  2. Add a data source that feeds images from the desktop
  3. Make it selectable in the media configuration form or during a call so that we can have desktop streaming


  1. Implement a moving effect that would make it easier for the remote party to see that this is a live video flow.
  2. Add one more data source to the implementation of the media service - one based on video files.
  3. Make sure the new data source is selectable in the media configuration form (would need to pay special attention to usability here)


  1. If time permits add an option specifying whether to also use the audio data available in the file.

Project Description:

We do agree that video calls are pretty slick, right? The thing is that at this point of time there are still people that don’t have web cams. This is not really a problem from a technical point of view as we can (and we do) send video only one way.

The thing is that even when you don’t have a web cam, chances are you’d probably still like to stream out a visual representation of yourself. Your picture is a good replacement candidate but people would probably also like to do this with other graphical avatars or even movies.

This is what this project is about. You would have to add to SIP Communicator the configuration forms that allow users to set a movie or a picture replacement of a webcam. You would then need to implement the extensions required to read the picture and convert it to a stream.


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