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A Java API for Growl

GSoC Student: Egidijus Jankauskas - UK
Primary Mentor: Romain Kuntz - France

Project Requirements

First term:

  1. Create an OSGi service that provides a Java API for the Mac OS X Growl notification daemon. The API should allow SIP Communicator to easily:
    1. Display messages with Growl
    2. Set a message image through a byte array
    3. Receive notifications for clicks on the growl popups
    4. Determine exactly which message was a mouse click pertaining to.

Second term:

  1. Modify the existing growl implementation for PopupMessageHandler to use the new API (this includes extending it in a way to deliver message images to growl and the possibility to receive click notifications and the possibility to retrieve tag identifiers)
  2. Make sure that the above growl implementation for PopupMessageHandler is used whenever growl is present unless the user indicated otherwise
  3. Make the Mac OS X sparkle updater work with java 1.6

Project Description:

If you are a Mac user and an Apple fan, then you most probably use Growl (http://growl.info). Well, so do we. Currently you could configure SIP Communicator to notify you of new messages, or incoming calls, or psychic detection of typing notifications through the Growl notification system. Today however, the Java APIs that we are using (check out the references) are proving to be insufficient in order to use Growl to its full potential.

It is for example quite difficult to show a picture. Also, when users see a growl notification for an incoming message, they expect to be able to click on it in order to display the message. We can’t do this with the existing APIs since there’s no way to retrieve mouse events with them. We have therefore decided to implement a new set of Java mappings to the Growl system. Can we count on you to help us?

The project would be a great occasion for you to learn how to use Growl as a programmer, and of course, learn how to write Java Native interfaces.

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Growl, a notification system for Mac OS X

Existing (insufficient) Java support for Growl

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