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Set your own photo through SIP Communicator or create a new one with your web cam

GSoC Student: Shashank Tyagi - India
Primary Mentor: Damien Roth - France

Project Requirements

First term:

  1. Research mechanisms for all supported stacks to set the image (methods + max size).
  2. Our picture in the contact list highlights on mouse over
  3. Clicking on our picture opens a file chooser and selecting an image sets it for all protocols that support the operation
  4. Implement support for picture setting in XMPP (and Google Talk if different)
  5. Implement support for picture setting in Yahoo!
  6. Implement support for picture setting in MSN
  7. Implement support for picture setting in ICQ (and AIM if different)

Second term:

  1. Create new interfaces in the media service that give access to the local video device
  2. Implement the above interfaces
  3. Create a new “Image Picker” service that allows retrieving and editing snapshots from the webcam or images selected with the file chooser
  4. Provide an implementation for that service that includes:
    • A way for bundles to invoke it through a single method and receive an image as a result
    • An user interface inspired by the Adium “Image picker” which allows users to take new snapshots
    • The possibility for the user to clip the image


  1. Store the last X images used (X is defined in the configuration file)
  2. Allow the user to set a specific image for an account

Project SVN


Project Description:

I am sure we would all agree that photos and avatars are of utmost importance with instant messaging. We can currently display them with SIP Communicator but there’s no way for our users to change or set them unless they temporarily switch to another application. This is what we’d like you to implement.

Then, once you have provided users with a way to set their pictures, we’d like you to also make sure they could create new ones using their web cam. Interested? If yes, make sure you apply.


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