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Sound level indicators for SIP Communicator

GSoC Student: Dilshan Amadoru - Sri Lanka
Primary Mentor: Sebastien Mazy - France

Project Requirements

First term:

  1. Define the interfaces of the media service that allow tracking sound level for a single callsession
  2. Implement the above extensions
  3. Create unit tests for the above
  4. Define similar interfaces in the protocol provider service allowing to retrieve SL info for a call participant
  5. Implement the above making them relay information received the media service
  6. Add a linear (1-dimension) widget in the UI that displays information received from the above mechanisms in a 1-to-1 call

Second term:

  1. Make the media service interfaces and impl compatible with conference calls
  2. Implement support for retrieving/sending per-participant sound level information in RTP packets.

Project Description:

This project is about the implementation of a graphical sound level widget in SIP Communicator. The widget would be used during calls and it would constantly show the voulume of the sound that we are receiving from our call participants. In addition to simply being cool in one to one calls, such a widget could be particularly handy in conference calls. In conversations with more than a single participant it could sometimes be difficult to tell who’s the one that is currently talking. This problem could be resolved quite easily with the sound level widget since it would immediately show who are the people that are currently occupying the mike.


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