If you are looking for Jitsi Meet, the WebRTC compatible video conferencing product click here.

Electron Goodies
Implement improvements for Jitsi Meet’s Electron app such as: a native settings panel, automatic updates, custom URL scheme and a new welcome page (similar to the mobile one) which will go to meet.jit.si if no full URL is specified, or to the specified one otherwise.

Small remote view when minimized
Implement a mode in which the remote view is rendered small if the Electron app is minimized or goes out of focus.

Welcome Page for Rooms
Imagine this: you setup Jitsi Meet (through Electron or your browser) in a meeting room. Then imagine that this gives you a view of the Google calendar for that room showing all meetings planned for there. You can select to start a meeting with just the arrows, a tap on a touchscreen, flashing a QR code on that welcome page, or by detecting the BT beacon signal emitted by the computer. Sounds fun, no? :)