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Testing Properties

The SVN repository holds a file called ./lib/accounts.properties.template which can be used indirectly by many of the unit test suites executed by the ant test target.

These test suites are often specific to an individual protocol, such as Jabber or MSN. Before these test suites can be run successfully, you will need to define your own test user credentials within your sandbox in a personalised file called ./lib/accounts.properties, which is best created by copying and editing the ./lib/accounts.properties.template file.

You’ll need to define two ICQ test accounts at least, the tester and the tested one. Get your own test accounts.

If you do not have your own test credentials, or are not interested in running a particular suite of tests, then you can select which tests to run by following the procedure in TestSelection.

The authors of each protocol test have written comments into the properties file to help you understand how to acquire and define suitable sets of testing credentials. Please read the template carefully to make sure your copy works as intended.

Note This slightly convoluted technique protects the global repository version of the file, which cannot be used directly by the unit tests. The ./.svn properties file has been configured to prevent developers accidentally committing their individual versions of this run-time file (and their associated userids and passwords!). Author: Brian Burch