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Test Selection

By default, the SVN repository holds a file called ./lib/testing.properties that causes all available unit test suites to be executed by the ant test target.

These test suites are often specific to an individual protocol, such as Jabber or MSN. Before these test suites can be run successfully, you will need to define suitable test user credentials as described in TestingProperties.

If you do not have test credentials, or are not interested in running a particular suite of tests, then you can edit your local sandbox copy of ./lib/testing.properties. The syntax is that the individual tests are white-space separated and, for readability, each test is specified on a continuation line broken with a back-slash.

Danger! Please be careful not to accidentally commit your personalised copy of this file to the SVN repository!

ToDo: I am not sure why we haven’t committed a ./lib/testing.properties.template file to the repository. The build.xml could conditionally copy the template to the user’s own private ./lib/testing.properties file if one did not already exist. We could use the ./.svn properties to prevent anyone accidentally overwriting the global version of the run-time file. Author: Brian Burch