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Search Thunderbird Contacts

Thunderbird is an email application that includes an address book. Jitsi can search for contacts in your Thunderbird address books.

Please note: Thunderbird support in Jitsi 2.2 frequently fails. However nightly builds for Jitsi 2.3 are more reliable, and highly recommended for anyone that wants to experiment with this feature. Nightly builds are available on the Download page.

Thunderbird support is not enabled by default.

How to Enable

  1. From the main menu choose Tools > Options > Advanced.
  2. In the left pane select “Contact sources”.
  3. In the right pane select “Thunderbird” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Check “Enabled”.
  5. Click “Browse…”
  6. Browse opens to the Thunderbird Profiles folder. In most cases there is only one profile folder and it ends with “.default”. Open the folder. Select the file called “abook.mab”. Click “Open” to dismiss the dialog.
  7. Under “Phone prefix” type the area code (the first few digits of a phone number that may be omitted for local calls). Omitting a prefix causes errors in Jitsi 2.2 (but is not required in nightly builds of Jitsi 2.3).

Now when you type a name in the dial field Jitsi will also search for matches in your Thunderbird address books.


“Thunderbird” is not listed in the drop-down menu

In the left pane click on “Plug-ins” and check that the “thunderbird” plug-in is available and active. If it is Deactivated, select the plugin and click “Activate”.

If you try to Activate but get an error message instead, upgrade to a nightly build from the Download page. The nightly builds have several fixes for the Thunderbird plug-in.