If you are looking for Jitsi Meet, the WebRTC compatible video conferencing product click here.

Here’s the roadmap that we currently have in mind (all items are also represented by issues that could be found in the issue tracker):

Previous Releases

Jitsi 2.0 (Released Q1 2013)

  • An updated user interface theme
  • Extended Microsoft Outlook integration for presence and calls
  • Multiparty Video Conferencing
  • Spinning off libjitsi
  • Support for Opus
  • Support for Pseudo TCP in ice4j
  • Support for VP8

Jitsi 3.0 (Scheduled for 2015)

  • HTML5, single window user interface
  • Advanced video confrencing layout
  • Support for massive video conferences (100+ participants)
Video call recording
Replacing Portaudio on Windows
Replacing Portaudio on OS X
Replacing the Speex echo canceler with the one in WebRTC
  • Implementing contact list and history storage with an integrated DB (rather than XML files).

- Android version (on hold)

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