Here’s the roadmap that we currently have in mind (all items are also represented by issues that could be found in the issue tracker):

Previous Releases

Jitsi 2.0 (Released Q1 2013)

  • An updated user interface theme
  • Extended Microsoft Outlook integration for presence and calls
  • Multiparty Video Conferencing
  • Spinning off libjitsi
  • Support for Opus
  • Support for Pseudo TCP in ice4j
  • Support for VP8

Jitsi 3.0 (Scheduled for 2015)

  • HTML5, single window user interface
  • Advanced video confrencing layout
  • Support for massive video conferences (100+ participants)
Video call recording
Replacing Portaudio on Windows
Replacing Portaudio on OS X
Replacing the Speex echo canceler with the one in WebRTC
  • Implementing contact list and history storage with an integrated DB (rather than XML files).

- Android version (on hold)

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