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File Transfer

Most of the communication protocols like icq, jabber, msn allow not only the exchange of messages between users, but also the exchange of files. Thus we could send our friends : photos, songs, etc. in very similar way we send messages.

Here is how it will look like:

In order to have this functionality in the SIP Communicator we need to:

  1. Implement the file transfer in all protocols that support it (icq, jabber, sip).
  2. Create a plugin that offers to the user access to this functionality from the user interface. The file transfer plugin is meant to apply to the following requirements:
  • All file transfer requests and progress dialogs should be embedded into the chat window.
  • After a file is downloaded, you can double click to open it, or browse to the download folder.
  • Dragging files into the chat window should automatically initiates a file transfer.
  • If the file is an image, a thumbnail of that image should be displayed.

For more ideas about this task you could follow the link of Ignite Realtime file transfer.

The Ignite Realtime file transfer

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