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Please, do not create or modify tickets in the issue tracker before discussing them on our community forum. Any non-discussed issues will be marked as “Invalid”. Thanks a million!

The utility that helps us manage all issues (bugs, feature requests, enhancements, and etc) is GitHub Issues.

You can use it to report bugs and suggest new features but only after you discuss them with the developers on our community forum.

Filing a new issue (div1end)

We use the “Buddy System” for filing issues. Before filing a new issue, please:

  • Check out the FAQ.
  • Look through existing issues
  • Search the community forum to see if this bug has already been reported.
  • Post on the community forum, and find a developer who agrees this is a bug. People there will ask you questions, try to reproduce the problem, advise you if there’s any past history of similar problems, and in general help you decide whether a new issue is warranted. If it is, they can also help you get the bug report into a useful form.
  • File the issue

If you do file an issue, remember to include a link to the community forum thread or paste relevant sections of the IRC conversation where you discussed the problem. Not only does this provide important context for anyone reading the issue, it also confirms that the issue has passed the basic buddy test: you found someone else who agrees it’s a problem. Issues that haven’t been through the “buddy system” may be summarily closed. We’re sorry to do this, but statistically, most unbuddied filings turn out to be bogus, and the issue tracker is not a convenient place to separate the good reports from the bad.

This document has been strongly influenced by Subversion’s “Issue Tracker” section